Alexander Smith
Aliases Alex
Playby Matthew Morrison
Birthplace North Carolina
Born July 31, 1969
Occupation Computer Programer, CPA Agent
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Parents Mary Smith, John Smith
Sibling(s) Barbra Robinson, Nancy Hardey, Carol Davis
Spouse(s) Kameko Smith
Romances Kameko Smith, Clarice James, Fiona Welsh
Children Asuka Smith, Minako Smith, Alexander Welsh
Grandchildren Katherine Welsh, Amara Welsh, Olivia Welsh
Grandparents Esther Harris, Frank Harris
Aunts and Uncles Jane Carson
Nieces and Nephews Katashi Ito
Cousins Kevin Carson, Lilac Brown, Lauren Walker, Lisa Young, Larry Brown, Daniel Miller, Robin Green, Janis Kingston, Nicole Johnson, Arianne Nelson, Calista Elliot, Ambrose Fisher, Belinda Baker, Byron Fisher
Other Relatives The Harris
Affiliations Kiandra Costa-James, Clarice James, Jacques James, Vincenzo Costa, Sheena James, Anthony Tanner

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Alternate UniversesEdit

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