Elaine Holland
Elaine Holland - Emily Osment
Aliases Lainey
Playby Emily Osment, Amber Heard
Magic Sorcery
Birthplace Alacaster
Born October 16, 1993
Occupation Student, Journalist
Residence Alacaster
Parents Karen Holland, Richard Holland
Sibling(s) Angelica Holland, Francesca Maxwell, Kane Holland
Romances Sunny Thorne
Grandparents Camilla Holland, Elija Holland
Aunts and Uncles Toby Holland, Gala Holland
Nieces and Nephews Ralph Maxwell
Cousins Cameron Carson, Ryan Holland, Susan Holland, Heather Holland, Edmund Holland, Karen Holland, Zachery Holland, Samuel Holland, Aaron Carson, Mildred Carson, Lillian Carson, Jillian Carson, Joshua Adair, Zachary Adair
Other Relatives The Hollands
Affiliations Andy Thorne-Holland, Camilla Elliot

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Alternate UniversesEdit

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