Joshua Adair
(Joshua Holland)Drew-Fuller-drew-fuller-2069716-267-400
Aliases Josh, Joshua Holland
Playby Jared Leto, Drew Fuller
Magic Sorcery
Born November 7, 1984
Occupation Freelance Assassin, Jack of All Trades
Residence New York, New York
Parents Jacques James, Tabitha Holland, Dante Adair (step-father)
Sibling(s) William McGuff, Zachary Adair
Spouse(s) Risa James
Romances Risa James, Susan Holland, Kiandra Costa-James
Children Tristan Adair, Celeste Adair, Julian Adair, Blair Adair
Grandparents Lorraine James, William James, Elija Holland, Camilla Holland
Nieces and Nephews Cassandra James, Katherine Welsh, Elena Ramirez, Marcus McGuff
Cousins Cameron Carson, Ryan Holland, Susan Holland, Kiandra Costa-James, Heather Holland, Edmund Holland, Angelica Holland, Francesca Maxwell, Kane Holland, Elaine Holland, Karen Holland, Zachery Holland, Samuel Holland, Aaron Carson, Mildred Carson, Lillian Carson, Jillian Carson
Other Relatives The James, The Hollands

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Alternate UniversesEdit

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