Kiandra Amelia Costa-James
Aliases Kia, Kiki, Kiks, Ghost
Playby Dianna Agron
Magic Witchcraft, Sorcery
Birthplace Paris, France
Born December 12, 1993
Occupation Student, Waitress, Volunteer, Vigilante
Residence Alacaster
Parents Clarice James, Vincenzo Costa
Sibling(s) Kyle Tanner (half-brother)
Romances Alexander Welsh, Ryan Holland, Toshiko Takechi, Thane Avline, Joshua Adair, Ryou Hashimoto
Children Cassandra James, Katherine Welsh
Grandparents Lorraine James, William James, Ada Costa, Giovanni Costa
Aunts and Uncles Jacques James
Cousins Joshua Adair, William McGuff, Cristina Park-Costa, Rosario Park-Costa
Other Relatives The James, The Costas, Elena Ramirez, Tristan Adair, Celeste Adair, Julian Adair, Concetta Costa
Affiliations Ryou Hashimoto, Devina Hashimoto, Jade Hashimoto, Alexandra Hashimoto, Alexander Hashimoto, Alexander Smith, Sanjana Rao, Izumi Choi, Thane Avline, Toshiko Takechi, Alexander Welsh, Ryan Holland, Cameron Carson, Marie Morel, Susan Holland, The Witches

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Alternate UniversesEdit

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